Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Reviews!

I found two reviews of Sapphire and Gold. I hope you check them out!

From Long and Short Reviews:

This was a unique historical for me as I’ve never read one prior that was partially set on a ship without having had pirates in it. In addition to that aspect, it was loaded with action, suspense, and a bit of mystery, a little bit of everything to keep your interest alive. The romance between Derek and Alexandra was rocky at times, but as in life, when a couple overcomes so many obstacles, the love – and steamy, sexy love scenes – are so much stronger and better. An excellent, richly told read! (Rating: 4.5 out of 5)

From the Readin' Something Crazy blog:

Very well-written and intriguing. Love a story that has a bit of mystery mixed in with the romance. And while I really wanted to smack Lexie at times, I did truly understand why she was so insecure and stubborn. Her world was shattered by one overheard conversation changing everything she once thought true and right about her life. Thankfully, for her sake, she does grow and overcome her insecurities, thanks to Derek Tremaine.

All in all, a really good historical read that I would highly recommend to anyone. This is the first historical novel that I’ve read that takes place at least partially on a ship. And get this… it has nothing to do with pirates. LOL

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