Saturday, January 26, 2013

52 Lists - Week 1 - List the Words That Touch Your Soul

Do you like to make lists?  I do.  So I was excited to find a year-long list project, with a new prompt each week, over at Moorea Seal's blog.  I am a bit behind.  She has three lists up on her blog so far.  The next one goes up Tuesday.  I figured I'd get started and see if I can catch up.

Here's what I came up with for Week 1 - List the Words That Touch Your Soul.
Of course, as soon as I saved the list, more words popped into my head.  I could've filled the list with names of more people.  I did hesitate to post this list for fear of offending those I haven't named by name.  But then, I figured they know they're in my heart and will understand.

What do you think?  What words touch your soul?

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